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casting molds industrial and rocking stone and cement mixer

The Basics of Cast Concrete and Molded Accents | DIY

DIY Network offers additional information on the history of cast stone and the process of making and using molds to create architectural accents. Cast concrete or "cast stone," as

Best options to make a mold of a small box for casting? - Instructables

I'm looking to make a mold of a small box with one open panel, not a closed box. I need to have a way of shaping the material to very straight edges and right angles, making walls

making a (more) permanent mold from cement/concrete for aluminum castings? - Instructables

Hey I've been looking into aluminum casting for a while now (done it once or twice with different "furnaces") Now I'm reading alot about lost foam casting (sounds i

What Is the Difference Between a Cast Fossil and a Mold Fossil?

Fossils are an exciting part of paleontology and archaeology, as they help scientists determine what life was like during prehistoric times. A fossil is an impression of a living t

This Artist Beautifully Molds Sand and Cement to Cast Concrete Sinks

James Gardiner operates Atmosphyre, where he handmakes cast concrete sinks and brass faucets, inside of a formerly abandoned church in southern Vermont. Every item on this page w

i'm looking for a good way to make a mold for a resin cast. - Instructables

I've tried other diy methods such as silicone caulk and Plaster to make molds. while the plaster was the closest to working it was very difficult to remove the resin from the

Molds for Garden Stepping Stones

Check out this list of molds you can use to make stepping stones, including plastic planter saucers to old cake pans, and more. Personalized stepping stones for your garden are eas

Use Your Cast Iron Pan as a Pizza Stone

Pizza stones really are the best way to cook a pizza, but they can take up a lot of space and the good ones aren’t always affordable. Use your cast iron skillet as a makeshift pizz

How do I attach rocks and stones to fiberglass? - Instructables

When a neighbor's whirlpool brokedown they decided they no longer wanted the tub. they took it up and threw it away. Being into recycling I took the tub and buried it up to the rim

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